Looking for a Way to Give Back?

Looking for a Way to Give Back?

Looking for a way to give back this Thanksgiving? Here is a safe contact free way to show your gratefulness.

A wonderful thing just happened! 500 needy Bridgeport families will be receiving a surprise gift of a frozen turkey this Thanksgiving.  When I heard the great news I thought- what is a Thanksgiving turkey dinner without all the fixings? This where we all come in.  I know in my heart that there are so may good hearted and generous people in our communities that we surely could come up with a plan to make these families holiday meal complete.

If each family contributes 1 to 5 bags by November 21, we will reach our goal to add a bag of fixings to the turkeys 500 very needy Bridgeport families will be receiving.

One Thanksgiving fixings bag consists of the following 5 food items:

one bag of Stuffing mix

one can of yams or sweet potatoes

one bag of small marshmallows to top the yams/ sweet potatoes

one can of Libby pumpkin pie filling

one can of cranberry sauce

If you can help, drop off your bag or bags by 11/21 (so we can deliver them to Bridgeport by 11/22) at the Boucher’s home, 5 Wicks End Lane, Wilton, CT 06897.  Call me at 203-858-9950 with any questions.  Brown paper shopping bags work best. You can donate anonymously or write a message with the town you are from on the outside of your bag if you wish.

Although Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday by President Lincoln in 1863, it was first thought to be celebrated by English settlers and the Wampanoag who were the indigenous inhabitants of the area. They set aside their differences to share a meal during some exceedingly difficult and trying times.

As you gather around your table on November 26 to enjoy your meal and give thanks for all the small and large ways you have been blessed during these current difficult times you can be warmed by the thought that other families (not as fortunate) will be enjoying their holiday more because of your meaningful contribution to their day.   With deep gratitude and affection,  Toni